US equity markets why so complacent?

The chart above tracks the VIX (aka, “volatility index” or “fear index”, graphed as VIXCLS, black line) from June 1st, 2007 to the New York market close yesterday. In other words looking from shortly before the August 2007 onset of the Credit Crunch to the present.

I’ve also identified significant events and the [...]

Where to now Dow?

Curious, the chart above presents the year to date performance of the markets, and when looking at The Dow Jones 30 Industrials ($INDU, red line) compared to the Dow Jones Transports ($TRAN, black line) we see the two indexes are diverging. From a performance point of view, year to date the Industrials are up [...]

This is the setup

With the global slowdown – if not outright recession in some countries – in full force, fundamentals of the US stock market are looking increasingly wobbly, even as stocks push higher. I’m getting increasingly wary of this market and while I rarely short this is looking like a great opp, here is the setup: [...]

The calm before the storm

The VIX (more properly known as the The CBOE Volatility Index [ .pdf ]) is a rough proxy for the amount of fear in the markets. Values north of 30 generally indicate there is a high level of fear and stress in the markets and lower values indicate less fear and less stress. I [...]

Watch the VIX

VIX – SPX – Monthly, 2002 to 2012

The CBOE Volatility Index, “the VIX”, is said the reflect the amount of fear in the market. We tend to watch The VIX for one simple reason: as the market stabilises and folks feel more confident, they purchase less protection against share price drops and The [...]

About The VIX

VIX and widening divergence between Dow Industrials and Dow Transports

I’ve previously posted about The VIX so won’t go into details here, but we’re starting to see it bounce off lows which is somewhat concerning.

The top chart shows The VIX since 2008, and the index has clearly retreated from it’s 2008 record [...]

What is the VIX telling us?

VIX – January 1st 2012 to February 3rd 2012 (daily)

VIX – Janurary 1st 2012 to February 3rd 2012 (weekly)

The VIX (aka “volatility index”) measures options activity on the broader equity markets in The United States, specifically the ratio of put and call options and as such, it is sometimes called “the [...]