Who pays the taxes?

With all this talk about the fiscal cliff, automatic spending cuts and, of course, tax hikes, I thought I’d start to look at the issue by means of the data. I’ve been digging into the revenue side a lot this week, so the chart above shows two series: Personal current taxes (W055RC1, green bars) [...]

Federal tax receipts on corporations flatline

Corporate taxes are undeniably divisive at this point of the pre-presidential election season, with each side touting their plan while dissing the other’s. Regardless, I’ve previously written about the United States’ peculiar distinction as having the highest corporate tax rates in the G7 but as pretty much everyone knows, high rates simply aren’t effective. [...]

G7 Corporate tax rates and international competitiveness

I’ve gotten some interesting data from The World Bank recently and merged it with other datasets I had; the chart above shows corporate tax rates across the G7, and I’ve augmented each nation with its most recent GDP (Q1 2012) as well as the directional change in GDP from Q4 2011 (up, down, flat). [...]