Precious metals are booming!

The European Central Bank did it, the Bank of England did it, The US Federal Reserve did it and yesterday the Bank of Japan just done it.

As the chart above shows, gold and silver responded accordingly, soaring 13.21% and 24.75% respectively since the global easing began in earnest in late July. The [...]

Waiting for Helicopter Ben

Europe on the edge of recession, both Australia and Hong Kong at risk as is The United States. Both gold and silver soared during August on hopes of September’s FOMC meeting. The chart above shows gold ($GOLD, black line) and silver ($SILVER, red line) daily during the month of August, 2012, up 4.59% and [...]

Another run-up in silver?

Silver, daily, October 2010 to April 2012, CME margin changes noted as (digit)

Last year we saw the emergence of bubble like pricing in Silver; the chart above shows the spot price of Silver over the last 18 months, and the sharp run-up in prices culminating in a high on April 29th – but [...]

Debt, debt and more debt

The problem with numbers, especially big numbers is after a while we get desensitised. A billion here, ten billion there, hundred billion or so on top, after a while nobody is paying attention because there are so many zeroes! So I thought I’d present US Total Government debt a little differently; the chart above [...]

Where is your money in 2012 (pt 3)?

Silver, Oil, Gold and the Renmbi against the S&P 500, year to date performance as of March 29th, 2012

With the end of the first quarter approaching, I thought I’d finish off my review of possible places to put your money in 2012. The chart above shows the performance of metals – Silver, Gold [...]

What’s driving the price of Silver?

Spot silver, January 2011 to Februrary 2012, daily

The oversupply of silver is well documented, and yet the pale metal is up almost 20% in 2012, outperforming Gold (+10.31%), the S&P 500 (+8.24%) and Oil (+5.04%) – why? Rather than one there are many factors and I’ll try to list them in order of [...]