Europe on sale

The economic news out of Greece is dreadful, with another quarter of collapse documented that calls into question future bailouts. Frustrated by what is perceived as Greek obstinance, Merkel has threatened to cut off the next tranche of funding leading to renewed fears of a currency collapse. As the chart above shows, the Euro [...]

Greece: all over but the crying

GDP and Unemployment for selected EU nations Q4 2011

The chart above shows Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and unemployment for five peripheral nations as well as Germany, France and The UK. Greece’s economic problems seem to increase daily even as the nation’s political stability weakens.

Keep in mind this situation didn’t suddenly arise. [...]

Spread between US 10Y and German 10Y suddenly widens …

The market seems to be forecasting increased fiscal integration which is, of course, just about the only way out of the Eurozone mess. In the short term probably not the best option for Germany but it works for everyone else.