Declining Euribor where is the risk?

1W Euribor, January 2011 to February 2012, daily

Euribor is rate of interest that Eurozone banks charge each other for short term, uncollateralised loans. By its nature, Euribor reflects the degree the riskiness banks perceive in the financial system. As that perceived risk increases or decreases, so does Euribor.

The chart above details [...]

The ECB’s Quantitative Easing and spot gold

Spot gold and ECB Euro Long Term Refinancing Operations – August 2011 to January 2012

The chart above shows the effect of the ECB’s injections of capital and the spot price of gold. Since August 8th 2011 the ECB has injected 901B Euros and a further 259B US dollars (not illustrated) into the market. [...]