Mixed picture on global inflation

Inflation in New Zealand, inflation in Dubai, low, inflation in Vietnam, low, inflation in India, low, little inflation in China, low inflation in Denmark, low inflation in Australia, low Indonesian inflation, and seemingly low inflation in The United States.

But what about American inflation – can we look deeper? The chart above shows US inflation, first monotonically then broken up as follows: first, overall inflation (CPIAUCSL, black line), compared to Medical Care inflation (CPIMEDSL, blue line), Food and Beverage inflation (CPIFABSL, red line) and Energy inflation (CPIENGSL, yellow line) from June 1st, 2007 – the start of the Credit Crunch – to the present. All series have been based line at the start, the data is captured monthly, Seasonally Adjusted

Across the board, since the onset of The Credit Crunch inflation is relatively subdued, overall running at 3.96%, with medical inflation the highest (7.90%), followed by food (7.28%) and a fall in energy prices of -3.96%. Just ain’t no inflation to be seen.

Most agree that inflation is coming; its just a question of who will be impacted and to what extent, with at least one analyst suggesting ” a 30 percent increase in consumer prices over the next 10 years.” couldn’t be ruled out.

Now you know what I’m holding onto my gold.

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