Manufacturing employment is shrinking

Manufacturing Employment, MANEMP, black line, thousands of persons, monthly, 2008 to 2013

The US media is pushing lots of happy news about a manufacturing resurgence. Headlines like “Rumors of U.S. manufacturing’s demise are premature”, “Why American manufacturing is on the rise” and “How Innovation and Location Are Leading a U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence” are common. Many of these articles focus on exports, conveniently omitting the inconvenient fact that while the businesses themselves may be thriving The American Worker simply is not.

The chart above presents Manufacturing Employment (MANEMP, black line, measured in thousands of persons, monthly) for the last five years. The table inset shows how many people are employed in the manufacturing sector monthly YTD 2013.

No jobs are being created in manufacturing. The US media continues to push a fundamentally wrong message – those solid, middle class jobs offering living wages and benefits the manufacturing sector historically produced simply are no longer being created.

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