Where is your money in 2012 (pt 3)?

Silver, Oil, Gold and the Renmbi against the S&P 500, year to date performance as of March 29th, 2012

With the end of the first quarter approaching, I thought I’d finish off my review of possible places to put your money in 2012. The chart above shows the performance of metals – Silver, Gold – compared to oil and the much maligned Chinese currency, the Renmbi (note: I’m using Morgan Stanley’s Market Vectors Renmbi/USD ETN – exchange traded note to track this cross rate).

Silver is the big winner here (up 15.48%), totally trouncing both oil and gold (up 6.44% and 6.35% respectively). But the surprise seems to be the Renmbi / Dollar cross rate – the Chinese currency has remained essentially flat against the Dollar for the year. And the S&P 500 looks set to close out Q1 2012 up about 11.76%.

As I mentioned previously, there is a lot of end of quarter window dressing going on, so its not clear at this point how sustainable the 2012 run up in US equities will be.

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