A premature look back at 2011

With one week left in the trading year this might seem premature, but 2011 is one that is best forgotten. A brief look back: were you positioned properly?

In 2011 gold was up 13%, US Treasuries (the benchmark 10Y) were up 8.24% and the US Dollar, benefiting far more from European worries than strong American fundamentals was up a mere 1.05%.

So what about 2012? Its anyone’s guess, but many analysts are saying the recent dip in commodities prices is a golden opportunity, Jim Rogers is suggesting 2012 might be the year to short US Treasuries, and many analysts are looking out for continued dollar weakness.

After reading through all of this and before investing you should keep in mind Stewart Brand’s wonderful quote: “All predictions are wrong.”. Including this one. If I had made a prediction. Which, of course, I didn’t.

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